On climate change and its effects:
- To conduct interdisciplinary applied research on a national and international scale
- To produce data, prepare a database for scientific research
- To make protocols with authorized institutions to increase research potential
- To provide planning, training and consultancy support to public and private institutions
- To offer scientific solutions to all social and economic issues (including immigration)

Fields of Activity;
- Conducting research on the interactions of Ecosystem-Economy-Social fields
- Modeling with different scenarios and updating/repeating these models to understand future climate changes
- Developing cooperation and consulting by conducting public partnership projects
- Organizing national and international scientific meetings, raising awareness about climate change by organizing printed and internet publications

Research methods;
Field studies:
 - Limnology, archaeology, palynology, atmospheric and hydrological studies
Laboratory analysis:
 - Cosmogenic, isotope studies
Modeling studies:
 - Past climate models
 - Future climate models
 - Soil use models
 - Pollen, isotope, past and future climate models, archaeological settlements

Educational Studies;
- Among the duties and responsibilities of the Climate Change Application and Research Center, there is a duty to share the results obtained from scientific research with the public in order to create awareness on climate change and related issues and to develop adaptation projects, and to inform both the decision makers in other government organizations and the society.
- For this reason, the Center plans to focus on educational activities simultaneously with scientific research;
   - Workshops
   - Conferences
   - Round table meetings
   - Seminars

Assoc. Prof. Bulent Arikan

Associate Director;
Assoc. Prof. Tolga Gorum
Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ilicak

Board members;
Assoc. Prof. Bulent Arikan
Assoc. Prof. Tolga Gorum
Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ilicak
Prof. Alper Unal
Prof. Tayfun Kindap

Youtube link;
Climate Change Application and Research Center

Istanbul Technical University
Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
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