Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences (EIES) was established in 1997 as a research and graduate academic institute at the Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. It was designed by a group of scientists lead by Prof. Dr. İhsan Ketin who was one of the most important milestones of Turkish geological research. The aim was to carry research under one roof with a multidisciplinary way. The national and international reputation of the institute continues since then. The Institute began teaching in 1998.

The scientist in the institute deals with the earth science problems related to the geology, geophysics, atmospheric and oceanic sciences on the continents and seas surrounding the Eurasia. There are graduate level classes and programs about these subjects. Our institute do research and teach about the solid, liquid and gas portion of the Earth as well as the whole living organisms. On this perspective our institute is first and the only in our country and undertook the task of being a center of excellence in neighboring countries.

There are three departments in the institute. These are the Solid Earth, Climate & Ocean Sciences and Evolution & Ecology divisions.  There are two graduate programs named as "Geodynamics" and "Earth System Science". Department of Solid Earth faculty members are dealing mainly in research on tectonic, Quaternary geology and petrography. They have research all around Turkey and worldwide. Climate and Oceanography Department faculty have made studies on climate change, climate modelling and air quality. Department of Ecology and Evolution do research on evolution and ecosystem of living organisms.

EIES brings together scientists and tools necessary to address and solve problems related to our Earth. We largely focus on hard and soft rock geology, geomorphology, tectonics, Quaternary geology (with several cosmogenic surface dating applications), climate change and paleoclimate, oceanography, atmospheric and environmental sciences, archeology, ecology and evolution where we offer related graduate level courses since 1997. Scientists and students all around the world are welcome to do research in our institute.