About the group

The COSM-IST gathers researchers who are using TCN dating methods for Late Quaternary geological and geomorphological applications. We mainly focus on dating glacial moraines and glacially sculpted bedrocks. We try to elucidate the geochronology of the glaciated mountains in Turkey and shed light to the paleoclimate since at least Last Glacial Maximum times.

We also use TCN methods for dating alluvial fan surfaces, fluvial deposits, and fault scarps for neotectonic applications. Through our group we would like to create a multi-faculty and multi-disciplinary group focused on integrative research and teaching of geology, geomorphology and climatology across the recent geological past.

Cosm-IST members

Attila Çiner
M. Akif Sarıkaya
Cengiz Yıldırım
Orkan Özcan
Sefa Şahin
Kevin McClain
Christopher Berndt
Gülgün Ertunç
Oğuzhan Köse

Equipment and Tools List

Our cosmogenic sample preparation laboratory
For more information:

Istanbul Technical University
Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
Maslak, Sarıyer 34469 İstanbul

Phone: +90 212 285 61 08