The project prepared by the team including our faculty member Prof. Dr. Tolga Görüm from Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, Department of Solid Earth Sciences, Istanbul Technical University Department of Civil Engineering faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cüneyd Demirel and Prof. Dr. Erkan İstanbulluoğlu from Washington University, was accepted and granted support by NASA.Project focusing on February 6 earthquakes.

A preliminary database will be developed and modeling analysis will be made and within the scope of the project aimed at better understanding landslides and cascading hazards triggered by Kahramanmaraş centered February 6, 2023 earthquakes. NASA support for the project titled “Coseismic landslides and cascading hazards of the Feb 6, 2023 Turkiye earthquake: Preliminary database development and modeling analysis” will continue between May 27, 2023 –May 27, 2024. The budget of the project is 120 thousand dollars.

Project participants from Türkiye, the USA and the Netherlands include Istanbul Technical University, Karadeniz Technical University, AFAD, University of Washington, University of Maryland Baltimore County, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Washington Geological Survey, and University of Twente.